What is Synthwave music?

This is a kind of music which is sometime called Neo Retro, Retro wave, New Eighties, ... and which tends to make 80's reborn.
For being honest it's not this kind of mainstream thing you can share with everybody. It's often a lonely pleasure. But this music is awesome even if you are too young to know the 1980's to 1990's decade.
Synthwave honors famous hardware synths such as Roland Jupiter 8, Yamaha DX7, Mini Moog, Roland D50, Fairlight CMI... and drum machines such as Linn Drum or Oberheim DX and permits to make a time travel. It's what I liked when I discovered Synthwave. Dream of a night drive on Miami Ocean Drive road or wherever you wanted to be in summer 1982 in fast car with a girl you love (or many babes you don't care, it's up to you).
It’s a dream which fades away when the music fades out...until the next track.
Synthwave is often linked to overused graphical elements such as palm, Ferrari Testarossa, … But it’s more than that. So start the Delorean and make a time travel listening to my music and take a look at my 80's retro illustrations. Share if you like to help me and go to Bandcamp to download my tracks in lossless FLAC for free.

Marty Sunset